What is this site about?

ezevet.com brings together all the options for training to become a competent animal acupuncturist. It doesn't matter if you are a successful veterinarian wanting one more treatment option to add to those you already offer your clients, or if you are an animal owner who desires to gain the ability to treat your own pets, farm animals, racing greyhounds or horses. Ezevet may have something to interest you. Since about 1970 I have been involved as an acupuncturist treating both humans and animals. Since about 1980 I have been involved in teaching animal acupuncture to anyone who wants to get the knowledge and who is prepared to study. So far my students have included, in no particular order…….
  • veterinarians
  • medical practitioners
  • human acupuncturists
  • human chiropractors
  • kinesiologists
  • animal chiropractors
  • human physiotherapists
  • bowen practitioners
  • veterinary nurses
  • human nurses
  • various other animal physical therapists
  • greyhound trainers
  • racehorse trainers
  • animal "manipulators"
  • various animal owners

In the 1980/1990s I instructed workshop groups of up to 35 students at a time.
Now I limit my groups to 1-4 students.
I have taught my workshops in Australia, New Zealand, England and Europe.
Workshops in Australia have included students from European Union countries, South Africa, USA, The Philippines, and of course Australia and New Zealand.

Since around 2000 I have been offering online courses in the Theory of Acupuncture as it applies to humans and animals to students around the world.